The Ultimate Customized Personalized Pedicab Tour!

The Details:

You name it, we find it!  It's the customized tour that's all about you!  

Hop on to the undisputed #1, street-level, look-and-point, full-monty, easy-to-understand, better-than-the-rest, fall-in-love-with-Beantown tour of Boston!

What makes it the best?  You do! 

Our riders will learn about what you want to see and then construct a tour on-the-fly based on your interests.  Everything from quirky stories to remarkable views to romantic rides to hilarious people-watching – the possibilities are endless! 

Art, architecture, fun facts and great conversation await you on the tour of Boston that starts and ends with the best part: you!

Let's get creative and get rolling!  

The Important Stuff:

Tour lasts 2 hours (longer or shorter by arrangement)

From $170 per Pedicab

For up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids.

In the case of lousy pedicabbing weather we'll reschedule our trike festivities at another time or date.


Neighborhoods this tour may pass through:

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