The Liberty & Laughter Historical Tour

The Details:

Let's pedicab through history! Historical tours are among of the most popular tours offered by Boston Pedicab for good reason: this is America's history city! We hit all the sites you want to see in Boston, plus a few the other tours simply don't hit.  Learn about how our nation's birthplace is a treasure trove of "bet you never knew" facts.

But don't assume that Boston's historical heritage is mainly from the American Revolution.  Western Expansion, Civil War, Industrialization, The Great Depression, the Civil Rights Era and many other portions of American History come alive in our city.  And few experiences bring you as intimately close to the story like a pedicab tour. 

Let's roll through our nation's history as it shaped and molded Boston.  And have a few laughs as we do so!

The Important Stuff:

Tour lasts 2 hours (longer by arrangement)

From $170 per Pedicab

For up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids.

In the case of lousy pedicabbing weather we'll reschedule our trike festivities at another time or date.


Neighborhoods this tour may pass through: