The Real Way to See Boston!


Since its debut in March 2005, Boston Pedicab has established itself as the Hub’s #1 pedal-powered transportation service. Our rides are popular among tourists and locals, children and adults, and we are rapidly becoming an integral part of the Beantown landscape.

Our goal is to provide customers with safe, friendly, comfortable service, resulting in a memorable and entertaining experience that pairs practical, eco-friendly transportation with the luxuries of a gentle stroll.

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Arrive to your wedding or special event in style!


Our SERVICES include booking for small events or large conventions. Whether you’re scheduling a wedding, birthday, or corporate event, our Pedicabs can be there to shuttle your guests.

The real way to see Boston!


Think Outside the Bus: Why spend a beautiful summer day speeding around on a dark, hot, smoky, uncomfortable bus when you could have your own personal guide at your fingertips-without all the walking!

Our drivers can share with you their intimate, personal and historic knowledge of America’s oldest city, but the best part is – you’re in charge.

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Become a driver!


The DRIVERS at Boston Pedicab are amiable, energetic and ready to ride. We are always looking for bright, energetic people with lively personalities and friendly attitudes to join our ever-growing crew. Pedicabbing presents an opportunity for your unique personality to shine.

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Through our ADVERTISING, we offer a new form of visibility that grabs peoples’ attention and turns heads. Anyone looking to garner attention for their product can get the most bang for their buck with high visibility ads in the new frontier of mobile marketing. And free rides don’t hurt, either!

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