The South End

We can't tell you how many times visitors to Boston thank us for bringing them into the South End.  One of the most amazing places in the city, and yet somehow a part of Boston that the other major tours forget to show you!  

Think of The South End as The Boston for true Bostonians.  The South End contains some of the best dining and pedestrian scenery of our entire city!  It also has a remarkable history that tells the story of the city's people, as well as relevant to how culture evolved in our nation. 

Endless, nationally-protected brownstones and Victorian designs make the tree-lined streets seem like a trip through time.  Sophisticated boutiques and eye-dazzling architecture from all eras make this the ultimate neighborhood for a relaxing roll on a pedicab.

Surprising artworks, ethnic neighborhoods, and  urban gardens turn the South End into the ultimate outdoor excursion in Boston!

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