Seaport, South Boston

Boston's Seaport District (which locals just call "Seaport") is the newest neighborhood in America's oldest city, refashioned from reclaimed wharfs and docks into one of the most chic (and sunny) destination in town.

Breathtaking views of Boston along a waterfront that brings your pedicab literally right to the ocean's edge!  Salty air mixes with sophistication in a playground for the who's-who in the city.

Fine dining, niche museums, Fort Point Channel and the gateway to South Boston, the proud, blue-collar neighborhood that Hollywood helped make famous.  Rolling through the Seaport is a thrilling glimpse of how a contemporary city grows!

By the way, South Boston is just called "Southie" to us locals.  But be careful!  Southie is not the same neighborhood as the very-different South End of Boston!

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