Boston's neighborhoods capture Boston's stories. (About 350 or so years of them!) Rolling through them lets you see the stories unfold at the human pace they were made.

More than just history and charming scenery, pedicabbing gives you the true flavor of Boston life like no other tour can.  Feel the pace of the people.  Smell the flavors of the local dishes.  And hear the scuttlebutt up close and personal about what Bostonians are truly like.

Most one-hour tours can cover two (maybe three) neighborhoods, while a half hour tour can usually get you around one.  Longer tours can meander you through the whole city, and really let the stories of Boston roll along around you!



Boston's Back Bay is what locals consider our "other" downtown.  Bustling with people, this neighborhood is where the chic and new meets the opulence of the antiquated.  

Roll around our Public Gardens, along Commonwealth Mall, and through the world famous Copley Square. (You can even cross The Boston Marathon Finish Line on a trike!). Pedicab is the best way to see the largest collection of urban mansions in our city on one of the rare "organized" street system grids within Boston Proper.

Hotels, restaurants and the amazing Newbury Street shopping district reveal a how Boston's "modern history" was created via a direct reflection of our whole Nation.  The Back Bay is the newest old neighborhood in town.


If you think The Fenway is a ballpark, think again! The eclectic Fenway is a full neighborhood made of one of the most unique urban planning design.  The Fenway tells a story of high art and culture from a more gentrified era of our Nation's history.

One of the birthplaces of the modern Green Movement, the Fenway's conservation lands, man-made Muddy River, Rose Garden and scenic greenspaces wander among the world's finest museums, surprising architecture and the largest collection of schools in Boston Proper. 

Charming and disarming, the Fenway is a hodgepodge of the Hub.  (And we hear there's also a pretty amazing baseball park there to ride around, too!)


See what the other tours forget to show you!

The South End is The Boston for true Bostonians – but it is also the most commonly overlooked neighborhood by visitors to the city! Which is a shame because The South End contains some of the best dining and pedestrian scenery of our entire city! 

Endless brownstones and Victorian design make the tree-lined streets seem like a trip through time.  Sophisticated boutiques and eye-dazzling architecture from all eras make this the ultimate neighborhood for a relaxing roll on a pedicab.

Surprising artworks, ethnic neighborhoods, and  urban gardens turn the South End into the ultimate outdoor excursion in Boston!


The gorgeous and bustling Rose Kennedy Greenway (whichh locals simply call "The Greenway") is one of Boston's newest neighborhood attractions.  Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, and our world-famous Aquarium highlight fountains, festivals and manicured pathways throughout the heart of Boston.  

The result of three decades of construction on our world famous Big Dig (don't miss the simple memorial statue – it's a charmer!), The Greenway hugs our beloved Harborfront. (Ask to ride along the water for some breathtaking views available only on a pedicab!) 

The Greenway merges old and new among the "inland wharfs" of Colonial Boston and a backdrop of a truly contemporary city.  


Who hasn't heard of Boston's world-famous North End?!  History, hustle, heritage and Haymarket pile on top of each other to make one of the densest collections of sites, sounds and scenery in our whole city.

Starting with Paul Revere's ride, the neighborhood holds some of the oldest historic tales in our Nation.  And with the Boston Garden so close by, it's also a sports lover's delight.

The epicenter of Boston's Italian families (and rumored to be the birthplace of the Boston accent), a roll through the North End is a feast for the nose as well as the eyes! 

But please don't call it "Little Italy!"  Just "The North End" to us locals!


Downtown Boston is compressed of a dizzying maze of narrow streets squiggling through looming modern architecture.  It's a compelling look at how a modern city arose from an colonial seaport – and the ultimate place for a fascinating (and sometimes hilariously squiggly) pedicab ride.

Roll through jazzy Theater District, zigzag through the stoic Financial District, bump around the bustling Downtown Crossing, or thrill past the frontside of the Boston Common – ending with a dizzyingly fast roll down Beacon Hill on Tremont Street.  Every route is a winner!

Be sure to swing through Chinatown and the quaint Bay Village on your way through!


Boston's Seaport District (which locals just call "Seaport") is the newest neighborhood in America's oldest city, refashioned from reclaimed wharfs and docks into one of the most chic (and sunny) destination in town.

Breathtaking views of Boston along a waterfront that brings your pedicab literally right to the ocean's edge!  Salty air mixes with sophistication in a playground for the who's-who in the city.

Fine dining, niche museums, Fort Point Channel and the gateway to South Boston make a roll through the Seaport a thrilling glimpse of a city on the grow! (By the way, that's "Southie" to us locals – and no, Southie is not the same neighborhood as the South End!) 


The pedicab ride for truly determined riders!  

Atop Beacon Hill sits the palatial State House overlooking the Boston Common, King's Chapel, and burial grounds for Colonial Era Superstars.  Roll through the site of the Boston Massacre to the architecturally triumphant Old City Hall, close to the "Ugliest Building In America" (our current City Hall).  Learn the secrets of the Scollay Square and see Boston's favorite sports neighborhood by the "Gahden."  

There's lots more packed into this daunting ride, and it all ends at the world-famous Cheers Bar.

(Pedaling up Beacon Hill is no small feat!  We politely remind you of this when tipping your driver: a little extra to get us up that small mountain!)