A 3-Wheeled World

Here's what's rolling around the minds and trikes of Boston Pedicab.


Everyone looking to party in Boston on New Year's rides pedicabs because they are, hands down, the funnest designated drivers of the night!  And because so many people are riding us on First Night, we want to make sure you can set up your rides in advance to guarantee you get on board.  So we set up a special New Year's Eve ride booking page just to help simplify things!

All of our New Year's Eve pedicabs have warm and snuggly blankets on board!  Why walk in the cold for 15 minutes when you can laugh and ride warm and snug for 5? (Remarkably logical isn't it?)

We will be out riding wicked late – way past when the bars close down! Remember: taxi services are in short supply, and likewise we can get there faster in many cases.  So why not just set it up ahead of time and forget the rush?

We hit all hotels in Boston Proper!  
Spending the night in town?  Let us be your New year's Even concierge!

Some popular New Year's Rides include:

  • Ice Sculpture Tours!  The amazing ice sculptures are spread out, so people love us to ride around for an hour or so to see them all!
  • Fireworks Viewings!  Folks who want to see the fireworks take our pedicabs become the best seat in the house!

  • Pub & bar crawls!  Arrange to have us pick you up and drop you off all night long!
  • Dinner Rides! Let us bring you to dinner – even all the way to the North End! – and even pick you up afterwards to get you into the party!
  • In-Town Designated Driver!  Go ahead and have another one! We'll ride you safely across town or down the block!  
  • Family Fun Rides! Something to do on New Year's Eve that all ages will love! Let's take the gang out for an hour or two!
  • Let's Kill Time! The perfect way to spend an hour or two in between festivities.
  • Cab's can't be found? We move quicker through town than taxi services – making us more reliable and easier to 
  • Shortcut to the T! Let us bring you to the closest train home, laughing all the way!

Of course, there's no end to the kinds of rides we provide.  Let's celebrate New Year's Eve with a laugh!  Book your pedicabs for First Night now!