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Giving rides to & from the amazing South End Open Market every Sunday!

As local as local gets.

As local as local gets.

We LOVE local.  And the South End Open Market is not only local, they're our neighbor!  And so we're psyched that we are paring up with this summer/fall Boston tradition during their 13th season. 

Everyone knows that driving to the market is not the best way to get there.  Likewise, sometimes the trek on foot is a little longer than you like.  Which is why Boston pedicab is on hand to shuttle you to and from wherever.  Call ahead and have us meet you wherever you park, step off the train or arrive in Boston and we'll bring you literally to the heart of the Market.

To make visiting even easier (and way more fun), South End Open Markets will be providing visitors with a designated "trike post" where Boston Pedicabs will post up at the market.  All the cabs away?  Just buzz us at 617-266-2005 and we'll swoop right in and grab you! 

The Sunday afternoon trip to the Ink Block section of the South End is one of the "hidden treat" rides we pedicabbers love to give.  Browse handcrafted stuff of all sorts, see artisans and craftspeople, shop a local-grown farmer's market, and of course threat yourself with the ever-shifting array of awesome food trucks on hand.  With other special events all summer, it's the destination of choice.  

And with Boston Pedicab handling the rides, feel free to buy all the treasures you're eyeballing.

Visit the South End Open Market Opening Day Facebook event for more details!

Ride Pride!!

One of the biggest city wide events in Boston, Boston pride celebrates diversity and the LGBTQ community.  And for the past ten years we've been along for the ride!

We're excited to once again be headed out for the parade and celebrations!  Book us!

Still part of the Boston Marathon after 10 years!

Check out this awesome story about Boston Pedicabs at the Boston Marathon – featuring the incomparable Michael Coughlin – written up at Boston.com:

After Running 26.2 Miles, How Do You Get Home? 

There’s a pedicab for that.

By Allison Pohle @AllisonPohle
Boston.com Staff | 04.20.15 | 6:12 PM

Mike Coughlin gave pedicab rides on Marathon Monday.   Photo credit: Allison Pohle/Boston.com

Mike Coughlin gave pedicab rides on Marathon Monday.
Photo credit: Allison Pohle/Boston.com

Mike Coughlin perched on the seat of his bike while surveying the crowd of silver-ponchoed runners who hobbled toward him. He was waiting to give out pedicab rides near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, but, due to the drizzly weather, wasn’t having much luck.

Then, a young woman who had just finished the race limped up to the cart. “Do you know where the Marriott is?” she asked Coughlin, her eyes filling up with tears.

“It’s just down the street,” Coughlin said. “I can take you if you want.”

“I don’t have any cash, though,” she said, her voice cracking. 

“I also take credit cards and Paypal,” Coughlin said. 

“My family’s at the Marriott, and maybe they can ...” she trailed off.

“Why don’t you go ahead and climb in,” Coughlin said. He backed the pedicab up closer to the curb and helped her step inside. Once she sat down, he covered her with the blanket.

“I have some snacks,” she said while holding up the bag of free food given to all race finishers. “I can pay you in snacks.”

Coughlin smiled. “We’ll figure it out,” he said. “The good news is, you’re done! You did it! You finished the Boston Marathon.” 

As Coughlin backed up, the woman’s crying slowed. She touched the medal around her neck and smiled. 

This is the eleventh year Boston Pedicab offered rides to marathon runners and attendees. Ben Morris, founder and owner of Boston Pedicab, said Marathon Monday is usually the busiest day of the year for the company, followed closely by the 4th of July. This Marathon Monday should have been even busier because of the Red Sox game.

Then, it rained. 

“The weather is making it really hard today,” Coughlin said as he pulled out his phone from the pocket of his green pants. He opened a weather app and flipped to the radar screen.

“We’re having a break now, but that big green monster is coming for us,” he said while pointing to a map, which showed rain moving toward Boston. “I knew that today most of the business would be in the morning because the weather is so bad.”

Morris said his drivers (yes, that’s the technical term for a pedicab operator) typically give rides to anywhere from 2,500 to 3,000 people on Marathon Monday. This Marathon Monday, however, the numbers were lower because, after the marathon, runners and spectators hurried inside to warm up instead of requesting rides around the Back Bay, said Boston Pedicab Manager Jenn Brundage. 

Around 2:30 p.m., Coughlin said he’d personally given about 20 rides that day, most of them to Red Sox fans that morning. 

“I did give a ride to parents who had their son’s clothes in a bag and wanted to bring it to him after the race,” he said. “I told them I could get them pretty close, so this is where I stopped.” 

Coughlin parked his bike a few blocks from the marathon’s designated “family meet-up center.” Because so many roads are closed to cars during the marathon, Morris said pedicabs are a desirable mode of transportation.

Boston Pedicab operates on a pay-what-you-want model, which Morris says has worked for them thus far. Coughlin agreed, but with no passengers in sight and the wind picking up, he wasn’t sure how much more business he’d get.

“I’m probably gonna roll soon,” Coughlin said. “It’s cold and that’s the main pack of runners who finished. The next one will probably be my last ride of the day.”

As he waited, Coughlin gave directions to lost-looking runners who staggered up to the pedicab. He said he might like to run the marathon one day, but today was happy to help this year’s participants by giving them rides, and the chance to sit down.

Boston Pedicab Celebrates 10 Years of Rides

Yesterday marked another milestone for Boston....

 ...The 10 year anniversary of the city’s greenest mode of transportation!

Boston Pedicab. During the past decade, the pedicabs have become a local fixture on the streets of the city, truly becoming a regular sight in Boston and must-do attraction.


On St. Patrick’s Day 2005, Northeastern University student, Ben Morris took his first ever pedicab passengers from Solas: Irish Pub to Newbury Street and he was hooked. Since that fateful day, more than a half a million pedicab rides have been given and the company shows no signs of slowing down.


“It’s been a heck of a ride,” say Ben Morris, founder and owner of Boston Pedicab. “We’ve grown an incredible amount and at an unimaginable pace these past ten years. We are forever grateful to the amazing drivers and good people of Boston who have supported us through it all.”


Since 2005, the company has evolved to operate in nine cities around the country, along with serving in several more with their out-of-home advertising division Pedicab Outdoor. Earlier this year, the company also entered into the manufacturing industry with the launch of their own American-made pedicab, The Coaster. Designed and built domestically, the Coaster is expected to serve as the next generation of pedicabs. While the classic pedicab will continue to operate on busier days, more and more of the new and improved pedicabs will be seen on the streets in 2015.


“We’ve spent endless hours reimaging and designing the new Coaster Pedicab,” recalls Justin Bruce, a former rider of Boston Pedicab and now the company’s chief operating officer. “Now that we’re in production, we are eager to return home with several new pedicabs. Boston will be the first city in the country to feature the new Coaster Pedicab. Just in time for our tenth anniversary season is extra special.”


Boston Pedicab has been operating out of the same South End shop since 2005 and can be found riding the streets seven days a week 11am-11pm. For more information about their services, please visit bostonpedicab.com.

Founded in 2005, Coaster Pedicab Inc. is a privately-owned company based in Boston, MA that is the leading provider of pedicab-based solutions in the United States. Coaster Pedicab specializes in providing operations, advertising (pedicaboutdoor.com), manufacturing (coasterpedicab.com), and technology (pedicabmanager.com) services for the emerging pedicab industry.


South End Holiday Stroll

We had a fantastic time serving the SEBA (South End Business Alliance) for the South End Holiday Stroll. They are an amazing organization that uses the power of collaboration to support, strengthen and unify south end businesses, artists and non-profit organizations. 

"Working with Boston Pedicab was truly an energetically amazing experience!  Setting up everything  and coordinating with Jesse was smooth and streamlined.  He was flexible and very willing to customize options to our needs for our particularly specific event. 

The drivers were enthusiastic.... to say the least!  They were a real treat to ride with and with smiles, jokes and stories, they hustled hard to get the passengers where they needed to be. In addition to being hilarious and fun, they were also extremely attentive to instructions and very knowledgeable of the South End streets and businesses.  

We will definitely be working with this great bunch again in the future!"

Amanda Accardi- South End Business Alliance