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Giving rides to & from the amazing South End Open Market every Sunday!

As local as local gets.

As local as local gets.

We LOVE local.  And the South End Open Market is not only local, they're our neighbor!  And so we're psyched that we are paring up with this summer/fall Boston tradition during their 13th season. 

Everyone knows that driving to the market is not the best way to get there.  Likewise, sometimes the trek on foot is a little longer than you like.  Which is why Boston pedicab is on hand to shuttle you to and from wherever.  Call ahead and have us meet you wherever you park, step off the train or arrive in Boston and we'll bring you literally to the heart of the Market.

To make visiting even easier (and way more fun), South End Open Markets will be providing visitors with a designated "trike post" where Boston Pedicabs will post up at the market.  All the cabs away?  Just buzz us at 617-266-2005 and we'll swoop right in and grab you! 

The Sunday afternoon trip to the Ink Block section of the South End is one of the "hidden treat" rides we pedicabbers love to give.  Browse handcrafted stuff of all sorts, see artisans and craftspeople, shop a local-grown farmer's market, and of course threat yourself with the ever-shifting array of awesome food trucks on hand.  With other special events all summer, it's the destination of choice.  

And with Boston Pedicab handling the rides, feel free to buy all the treasures you're eyeballing.

Visit the South End Open Market Opening Day Facebook event for more details!