We do Weddings!

There are so many ways pedicabs can be a part of your special day!

Jeannine & David at Masshort in Wellesley

It was truly a breathtaking day!

For our wedding somehow we got the idea to ask Boston Pedicab if they would be involved. I'm not sure what gave us the idea, but I'm glad we called them. Boston Pedicab was one of the few vendors which truly felt affordable. Reasonable prices were just the beginning. We were not married in Boston either and they magically showed up at our distant suburban location. The pedicab guys were the finest before and during the event. Our driver brought the bride and her mother right through the ceremony building door. After the ceremony our charming driver took us for a pleasant ride through the local scenic surroundings. The pedicab was also open to guests of all ages during most of the wedding. Adults and children enjoyed scenic loops in the vicinity predominantly during the cocktail hour. The Pedicab is one of the major factors which changed a 7 year old's opinion about weddings. She was warned by another little girl on just how boring weddings are. She commented to her parents how she was pleasantly surprised that she actually had lots of fun.

-Jeannine & David