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The Amy Hoffman

An endearingly awkward pop rock dynamo with Missouri roots and a craving for adventure.

Welcome back to our back porch! This time, come for one of my jams, stay for some silly. 

The Amy Hoffman is an endearingly awkward pop rock dynamo with Missouri roots and a craving for adventure.

Rich guitars, sincere songwriting, and a whole lot of feelings fuel a tenacious, vibrant show that promises to send everyone home with hearts a few sizes bigger than they came.

This winter, Amy can be found gallivanting about the high seas making music aboard the Carnival Breeze, always striving to make meaningful art and leave her world better than she found it.

Track the Hoff down on facebook, grab a listen to her first full-length record on bandcamp, and catch a lift on her trike this summer!


Phillip Gilliam-Cuffee

My requirement? To take this endless choir inside of my mind refine it by realigning entire minutes. Bending sentences into endless intricate images and blend this with the menacing rhythms I'm slipping into this. - Graphic Melee "Grind"

Graphic Melee is Virginia born multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and emcee Phil Gilliam-Cuffee. Known for his talents across many genres as a bassist as well as a skilled vocalist, he has been performing on stage since childhood. Phil blends a diverse background of musical influences to form a rich sound-scape rooted in hip-hop, funk, jazz, and rock. Also a visual artist, he is responsible for all of his album artwork. When he's not pursuing artistic endeavors Phil is an avid cyclist with extensive mechanical knowledge and bicycle touring experience. As you can see pictured below, Phil braves all weather and stays on the trike year round.

Phil + Trike

In addition to Graphic Melee's Soundcloud, you can also learn and listen to them at Bandcamp and Facebook.