You already know what you want to see.
And we definitely know where to find it!

No one else – and we mean no one – can create an impromptu tour showcasing what you want to see around Boston.  While a typical tour has a set agenda, a pedicab tour can improvise and create an endless variety of content and themes!

With so many options and so many possibilities it can be overwhelming to choose!  So we're providing some ideas here for you to consider discussing with your tour's driver.  Pick, choose, mix, match and let your imagination soar!  What we create together will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable Boston experiences of your life!

Historically-themed tours are the most popular Boston Pedicab offers – and it's no wonder in a city like ours, brimming with history!

From the birth of a nation to the shaping of today, Boston has endless sites with stories to tell of the past!  From the sites along the Freedom Trail to the largest urban engineering project in human history, Boston's historical bonanza spans four centuries!

Get up close with the past and enrich yourself silly on a historically-themed pedicab ride!

Boston is a beautiful city.  And there is simply no better way to view Boston's Scenery than from the up close and casual view of a pedicab!

Pedicab's can park and angle themselves in surprising and breathtaking ways to maximize the view.  Love taking photos?  Ask your driver to bring you to the coolest views.

Remarkable ocean vistas, inspired gardens and greenscapes, charming streets and and dramatic city angles await you!  

Feast your eyes to the overwhelming scenery only available via pedicab!

Boston is a foodie's dream!  Yet, when coming in from out of town, it's hard to know where the culinary delights are.  Which is why the unique restaurant and dining tours are so remarkable!  

Go on a scouting mission and see the range of tastes that the Hub harbors!  Find out how far you are from the best brunch per where the refined palette finds enticement.  And in between restaurants there's plenty of city to tour.

Let your gastro-curiosity define your path and have your driver create an adventure to tantalize your tastes! 

Everyone loves people watching!  And in a city like Boston, the culture is as exciting as the landscape.  Which is why tours featuring where Bostonians gather are so exciting!  No one knows where the life in the city is better than pedicabbers!

From the shopping of Newbury street to the boutiques of the South End; from the bustle of Downtown Crossing to the opace of Copley Square; from the street shows at Faneuil Hall to the musicians dotting Boylston, your driver knows where the people are gathering in town.

Let your driver show you the people and culture of our remarkable city!

The history of America is written into Boston's architectural landscape.  Why not let our buildings and squares tell you their story?  Along with your driver, our architectural tours will keep your eyes popping!

Dramatic granite mingles with elegant glass throughout Downtown.  Modern chic neighbors industrial ambition along Seaport.  Brownstone charm embraces clever green spaces in the South End.  And don't even get us started on the mansions of Back Bay!

Let your driver bring you through some of the most remarkable buildings you'll ever tour!

We often joke in Boston that we have so many statues we don't know where to put all of them!  Which is why a tour of street art and sculpture is so exciting – you can't go longer than a few moments before there is yet more art to see!

From imposing metalwork to sidewalk installations, Boston has so much public art that it would take several tours to see it all.  From the antique wall signage of the South End to the sculpture and memorials of The Fenway and down the outdoor sculpture gallery of Back Bay, Boston is a living gallery!

Let your driver become artistic curator on your tour of our remarkable public art!

Being in Boston is an enriching experience, but everyone wants to  cut loose and have some fun in between all the culture!  And your pedicab driver knows precisely where to tour for nightlife and events!

Let us show you the sophisticated Bostonian wine bars to the rowdy Hub pubs.  We'll point out where young folks go to dance and sports fans go to cheer.  Why not tour the bars and nightclubs to determine where you want to go tonight?

Ask your driver to tour the nightspots and hotspots throughout Boston. The ride is sure to convince you that America's oldest city is young at heart with upbeat energy!!